Cydia download – Recently updated tweaks and news

The app store that jailbreak followers dearly loved most called Cydia. This awesome app store was a great creation of the celebrated developer Jay Freeman to download throughout the liberty that reaches through jailbreak. iOS 9.3.3 was the final version which was stunningly jailbroken with a tool release of a Chinese developer Pangu. Thus, we have yet to remain to capture the most recent Cydia download which are able to access iOS 10 jailbreak as well. Though you may worried about, no matter how far you have to stay as it frequently being fresh by Cydia sources throughout demanding Cydia tweaks and features.


However, without waste you precious time, just try out the collection we have brought here. For surely these will refresh you to hang on the next few weeks to welcome iOS 10.1 jailbreak as soon as possible.

Recently updated



Using Crypto tweak, you can encrypt messages, notes and some other linked ones of your texts using the Action Menu. Once you want them decrypt each, you will ask the relevant pass word. And share it as it is with those who are using the same from your contact list as they are able to decrypt them using own password.



You can use the tweak to own a full screen web browser on your device Lock screen. As the default browser, it has been fixed Google which will simply closer you for any in a jiffy. And it lets you to fix any home page to open with the browser.


Once you tap on each album which has to play next, songs will list up perfectly


You have to hit only the play button of the very own video player to send away the controls from the player



Custom the Lock screen as you preferred all over varies features


The tweaks is to dim the passcode page when you try to unlock from the Lock Screen


The photo save function and swing of features can added to screen shots


This is an exclusive release for 5.5 and 4.7 inch iDevice users. It is to facilitate the newest, secreted one handed keyboard



The Camera icon of the Lock screen cans gabber around using the tweak CameraDancing


Your iPhone will bring in to play some functions of Hooke’s Law when you install Hortus


You can simply custom all animations of your respiring screen with Springy Cydia tweak

3DColor changer


Use the most preferred colors on your 3D touch menus using 3DColor changer

Cydia download for iOS 10 and higher


You may anxious when and how it will be able to download Cydia on iOS 10 – iOS 10.1? Though it is not definite hitherto, we can just unveil the clue that rumors murmured during last few weeks. It is all about the crowned developer Pangu 10 download as they could expose their first ever research at Mobile Security Conference. Even though they did not tip off any after this exhibition, reports even from their local place too strappingly forecast the next release from them.